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There was a customer, a project, three friends, but not yet a company - a short version of the history of the Lean E(nrio)R(ené)A(lexander)

Now we turn 3 years and the one big project has growed into several big and small projects. Located in central Leipzig, LeanERA is a stable and growing Software-Driven development company. We currently employ six developers with two project managers and are looking to add three new development positions in the coming months.

Frontend Developer Junior:

We believe in maintaining a healthy mix of skillsets in our team, and welcome motivated Junior Developers to apply. You should have a good, solid understanding of HTML and CSS, and some experience with modern JavaScript that you can leverage to learn the following technologies we are using every day:

  • VueJS with Vuetify – our preferred frontend development environment
  • NodeJS – the foundation of many of our backend applications
  • TypeScript – improved JavaScript development patterns
  • Gitlab CI – software deployment process that helps us deliver quickly
  • Terraform – used to maintain our AWS and Google Cloud infrastructures
  • Kubernetes – the platform our microservices are deployed to
  • AWS Lambda / Google Cloud Functions – our work is increasingly serverless

LeanERA is developing on a modern technology stack. Developers can expect to solve interesting, complex problems in a friendly, open and communicative team. We encourage pair-programming and try to organize developer workshops twice per month to share knowledge and introduce new technologies. You can expect to participate in developer retrospectives, grooming sessions, code reviews and other best-practice software development processes.


We have sparked your interest?

Then send us your application documents with details of your earliest possible start date and your salary expectations directly by e-mail to jobs@leanera.net .

If you still have questions, you can contact Aline via Xing , LinkedIn or Mail!



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