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software administration

it administrator, it-administrator, itadministrator, it administation, it-administation, itadministation, it-administration, system administrator, system-administrator, systemadministrator, systems engineer, systems-engineer, systemsengineer, server administrator, server-administrator, serveradministrator, system administration, system-administration, systemadministration, server administration, server-administration, serveradministration, software administration, software-administration, softwareadministration, application administration, application-administration, applicationadministration, application administrator, application-administrator, and applicationadministrator


informatics, computerscientist, computerscience, informationtechnology, Businessinformatics, Informationsystems, CommercialInformatics, Mediainformatics, mediainformatician, Bioinformatics, Computationallifescience, Hardware, Software, and Firmware

business intelligence

business intelligence, business-intelligence, businessintelligence, business analytics, business-analytics, businessanalytics, BI, data mining, data-mining, datamining, web mining, web-mining, webmining, text mining, text-mining, textmining, Big Data, Big-Data, Bigdata, Datenanalyse, dataware house, dataware-house, datawarehouse, Data mart, Data-mart, and Datamart


SAP, SAP R2, SAP-R2, SAPr2, SAP R3, SAP-R3, SAPr3, SAP R/3, SAP-R/3, SAPr/3, Sage, PeopleSoft, Sage ERP, Sage-ERP, Sageerp, Sage CRM, Sage-CRM, Sagecrm, SAP Module, SAP-Module, SAPmodule, SAP FI, SAP-FI, SAPfi, SAP CO, SAP-CO, SAPco, SAP TR, SAP-TR, SAPtr, SAP EC, SAP-EC, SAPec, SAP IM, SAP-IM, SAPim, SAP PS, SAP-PS, SAPps, SAP WF, SAP-WF, SAPwf, SAP ECM, SAP-ECM, SAPecm, SAP IS, SAP-IS, SAPis, SAP SD, SAP-SD, SAPsd, SAP MM, SAP-MM, SAPmm, SAP PP, SAP-PP, SAPpp, SAP QM, SAP-QM, SAPqm, SAP PM, SAP-PM, SAPpm, SAP HCM, SAP-HCM, SAPhcm, SAP BW, SAP-BW, SAPbw, SAP FS, SAP-FS, and SAPfs


softwaredevelopment, software development, software-development, softwareprogramming, software programming, software-programming, Programming, webdevelopment, web development, web-development, applicationdevelopment, application development, application-development, systemdevelopment, system development, system-development, software tool development, software-tool-development, softwaretooldevelopment, softwaredeveloper, software developer, software-developer, softwareprogrammer, software programmer, software-programmer, webdeveloper, web developer, web-developer, applicationdeveloper, application developer, application-developer, systemdeveloper, system developer, system-developer, software tool developer, software-tool-developer, softwaretooldeveloper, and coder


SQL, MySQL, MSSQL, ODBC, EntityRelationshipModel, Entity Relationship Model, Entity-Relationship-Model, Entityrelationshipmodel, ERM, GNU SQL, GNU-SQL, GNUsql, Oracle, Sybase, Oracle Database, Oracle-Database, Oracledatabase, database, databases, databasesystem, database system, database-system, databasedeveloper, database developer, database-developer, IBMDB2, IBM DB2, IBM-DB2, IBMdb2, IMS, Microsoft Access, Microsoft-Access, Microsoftaccess, MSAccess, MS Access, MS-Access, MSaccess, PostgreSQL, and postgres

software test

software test, software-test, softwaretest, software tester, software-tester, softwaretester, test automation, test-automation, testautomation, test, test design, test-design, testdesign, test designer, test-designer, testdesigner, software test designer, software-test-designer, softwaretestdesigner, software quality, software-quality, softwarequality, code quality, code-quality, codequality, software test design, software-test-design, softwaretestdesign, ASQF, ISO 2, ISO-2, ISO2, COBIT, BSI 1, BSI-1, BSI1, ISTQB, Junit, Nunit, PHPunit, RSpec, Selenium, Mercury, Cypress, Puppeteer, unittest, unit test, unit-test, integrationtest, integration test, integration-test, acceptancetest, acceptance test, acceptance-test, systemtest, system test, system-test, testrun, test run, test-run, restbussimulation, restbus simulation, restbus-simulation, HIL, testmanagement, test management, test-management, testprojectmanagement, test project management, test-project-management, testleader, test leader, test-leader, testmanager, test manager, test-manager, testprojectleader, test project leader, test-project-leader, testprojectmanager, test project manager, test-project-manager, Quality Manager, Quality-Manager, Qualitymanager, QMR, Software quality, Software-quality, Softwarequality, TDD, Test-Driven-Development, BDD, and Test-First


network, networkmanagenent, network management, network-management, networkmanagement, LAN, WLAN, VLAN, LocalAreaNetwork, Local Area Network, Local-Area-Network, Localareanetwork, Wireless, WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS, Metro Ethernet, Metro-Ethernet, Metroethernet, Metropolitan-Area Ethernet, Metropolitan-Area-Ethernet, Metropolitan-Areaethernet, switch, router, routing, loadbalance, load balance, load-balance, Cisco, IPv4, IPv6, networkengineer, networkadministrator, network engineer, network-engineer, network administrator, network-administrator, DeepPacketInspection, Deep Packet Inspection, Deep-Packet-Inspection, Deeppacketinspection, DPI, Firewall, BandwidthManagement, Bandwidth Management, Bandwidth-Management, Bandwidthmanagement, LawfullInterception, Lawfull Interception, Lawfull-Interception, and Lawfullinterception


DevOps, software deployment, software-deployment, softwaredeployment, continuous integration, continuous-integration, continuousintegration, continuous delivery, continuous-delivery, continuousdelivery, Continuousdelivery, deployment, build management, build-management, buildmanagement, software distribution, software-distribution, softwaredistribution, rollout, Application Lifecycle Management, Application-Lifecycle-Management, Applicationlifecyclemanagement, Software Lifecycle Management, Software-Lifecycle-Management, Softwarelifecyclemanagement, ALM, SLM, Terraform, and CDK


ABAP, Netweaver, BusinessObjects, Business Objects, Business-Objects, Businessobjects, WebDynpro, Web Dynpro, Web-Dynpro, Webdynpro, Maximo, SAP, and Cobol


Java, J2EE, JavaEE, JSP, EJB, J2SE, Swing, JavaSE, JRE, JDK, JVM, Javadoc, Doclets, xDoclet, JCP, OpenJDK, JEE, Java-Runtime-Environment, Java Runtime Environment, Javaruntimeenvironment, Applets, Servlets, Portlets, Midlets, Xlets, Translets, Java Beans, Java-Beans, Javabeans, Maven, Gradle, Eclipse, NetBeans, SunONEStudio, IntelliJ, JetBrains, JBuilder, JCreator, xCode, jEdit, ExcelsiorJET, Excelsior JET, Excelsior-JET, Excelsiorjet, GCJ, MinGW, Cygwin, JavaNativeCompiler, JNC, Java-to-Native, Java to Native, Javatonative, Javadeveloper, Javasoftwaredelevoper, Java developer, Java-developer, Java software developer, Java-software-developer, Javasoftwaredeveloper, Clojure, Scala, Groovy, Kotlin, Spring, Spring Boot, Spring-Boot, and Springboot


.NET, ASP, MSDN, dotNET, VBNET, COM+, COM, ASPNET, Sharepoint, MOSS, VisualStudio, Microsoft Visual Studio, Microsoft-Visual-Studio, Microsoftvisualstudio, C#, Csharp, C sharp, C-sharp, J#, Jsharp, F#, Fsharp, SharpDevelop, ASMX, MSMQ, WSE, Delphi, CLR, CIL, BCL, MSIL, dotGNU, DotGnu, Mono, XNA, ADONET, .NETdeveloper, .NETsoftwaredeveloper, .NET developer, .NET-developer, .NET software developer, and .NET-software-developer


JavaScript, JS, AJAX, JScript, JScriptNET, Actionscript, ActionScript, Coffeescript, CoffeeScript, Typescript, TypeScript, Elm, ECMAScript, ECMAScript5, ES5, ES6, ES7, Pow, Jaxer, Spidermonkey, V8CGI, Narcissus, Dojo, Ext JS, Ext-JS, Extjs, jQuery, MooTools, Prototype, Qooxdoo, Moofx, Scriptaculous, Node.js, Express, Deno, Gatsby, Webpack, Babel, Rollup.js, Eslint, Snowpack, Parcel, React, Redux, React-Native, Next.js, Preact, Angular, AngularJS, Vue.js, Vue, Vuex, D3, D3.js, SVG, Ember.js, Ember, Svelte, PWA, Web-Worker, Progressive web application, Progressive-web-application, and Progressivewebapplication

Mobile Development

App, Appstore, App-Store, GooglePlay, Google Play, Google-Play, Googleplay, iTunes, iPhone, iPad, iOS, AppleTV, watchOS, Apple Watch, Apple-Watch, Applewatch, Android, EmbeddedLinux, Embedded Linux, Embedded-Linux, Embeddedlinux, Google Play Services, Google-Play-Services, Googleplayservices, Mobile Development, Mobile-Development, Mobiledevelopment, Tablet, Blackberry, Symbian, Handy, Smartphone, Surface, Phablet, Wearable, Smartwatch, Smartglasses, Swift, ObjectiveC, Objective-C, XCode, Flutter, Xamarin, Ionic, React-Native, Appgyver, Cordova, Phonegap, Appcelerator, and Sencha

service management

application management, application-management, applicationmanagement, application monitoring, application-monitoring, applicationmonitoring, application maintenance, application-maintenance, applicationmaintenance, softwaresupport, supportservice, servicemanagement, support, softwareoperation, softwaremaintenance, service management, service-management, software support, software-support, software operation, software-operation, systems engineer, systems-engineer, systemsengineer, ITIL, ServiceNow, Helpdesk, 1stlevel, 2ndlevel, 3rdlevel, 1st level, 1st-level, 2nd level, 2nd-level, 3rd level, 3rd-level, Hotline, service engineer, service-engineer, serviceengineer, application engineer, application-engineer, applicationengineer, application manager, application-manager, applicationmanager, service manager, service-manager, and servicemanager


Python, NumPy, Tkinter, Pyside, CPython, Cobra, Boa, PyGTK, PyQt, PyKDE, wxPython, PyObjC, PyFLTK, Cython, Jython, IronPython, PyPy, PyMite, PyCharm, Django, Pylons, SQLAlchemy, TurboGears, web2py, Flask, and Zope


Linux, Debian, Ubuntu, RedHat, Fedora, openSuse, CentOS, Arch, Slackware, EmbeddedLinux, Embedded Linux, Embedded-Linux, and Embeddedlinux


PHP, Composer, HHVM, Zend, Symfony, Laravel, Apache, Propel, Doctrine, PDO, LAMP, WAMP, and MAMP


embeddedprogramminglanguage, embedded, system programming, system-programming, systemprogramming, C++, C/C++, Cplus, C+, Cplusplus, C, Fortran, Qt, Assembler, C++17, Omron, SPC, VBA, VS Basic, VS-Basic, VSbasic, and WinCC

Machine Learning

Machine Learning, Machine-Learning, Machinelearning, Artificial Intelligence, Artificial-Intelligence, Artificialintelligence, AI, Deep-Learning, Neural-Network, Image recognition, Image-recognition, Imagerecognition, Pattern recognition, Pattern-recognition, Patternrecognition, Jupyter, Tensorflow, NLP, Natural Language processing, Natural-Language-processing, Naturallanguageprocessing, Stanford CoreNLP, Stanford-CoreNLP, and Stanfordcorenlp


graphicdesign, webdesign, frontend, visual, graphic, webdesigner, designer, painter, artdirector, graphicdesigner, Adobe, Photoshop, Illustrator, and QuarkExpress

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