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Our picockpit.com apps solve real problems and make Raspberry Pi users happy.

As an approved Raspberry Pi reseller in Germany, we work very closely with Raspberry Pi since the beginning (2012). We offer honest, deep technical expertise around the Raspberry Pi. We distribute Raspberry Pi as well as Coral AI hardware, and develop hardware and software for our customers.

Our platform picockpit.com allows users to easily use their Pis from anywhere via web interface. Our apps solve real problems and make users happy.

Talents wanted and opportunities

We are looking for JavaScript developers for our Raspberry Pi user interface platform PiCockpit.com.

Our requirements:

* several years of experience in vue.js and/or node.js

* fluent English

* ideally experience with MQTT and MongoDB

* Good sense of usability & ability to think from a user perspective.

* You enjoy variety, and like to contribute your own ideas for new apps.

Locations of the pi3g e.K.

The pi3g e.K. posts open positions for jobs, internships and apprenticeships in 04207 Leipzig in Sachsen.

Latest company news articles

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How to manage a security breach on your server

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Integrating the BSEC in CircuitPython (A work in progress)

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Synchronizing file uploads between browser windows

For PiCockpit, I am currently developing the Digital Nose app. This app requires an upload for the BSEC configuration file – which is binary data. Once the user uploads the file, it gets publishe...

Jobs for professionals and executives

Fullstack Javascript Leipzig developer job (m/w/d)

45.000 € - 50.000 € annual
Leipzig (hybrid)
Flexible working hours
30 Vacation days
On the spot
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