pludoni comes from the Esperanto and means "to pass".
Since 2008, we manage communities. The goal of our members and partners is to strengthen the economic power in various industrial regions beyond corporate boundaries. We intensify this by our ability to develop online reputations of organisations, by making communications more efficient and by adapting our technical platforms to the increasing demands of the market.

Trust and appreciation are our determining factors. Communities managed by pludoni are organized, moderated and supported by modern standards. Enterprise 2.0 solutions make companies more transparent, support self-awareness and consistency of all parties involved. We are prepared.

Talents wanted and opportunities

Necessarily, new technologies create new requirements and job profiles. Community manager is such a new Web 2.0 job profile. They are highly qualified communication experts with journalistic skills, empathy and marketing know-how. They support and manage a community in order to create value, loyalty, and positive employer branding. Community managers find answers to questions like: How can we increase engagement within the community? What are the steering and controlling mechanisms for communities? How can activities and measures be successfully deployed?