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With our membership in ITmitte.de we consciously break new ground in recruiting. We use it to fill important positions in our company very efficiently with qualified specialists based on recommendations from the network partners.

Ms. Sophie Antonia Frommherz, Abteilungsleiterin Personalwirtschaft

With over 3,500 employees (St. Georg Group) at various locations in and around Leipzig, the St. Georg Hospital is the city's second largest hospital. As a high-performance specialist provider, we are regionally and nationally the hospital of choice for many people when it comes to undergoing treatment. The well-being of its own employees is also important to the St. Georg Clinic in Leipzig. The St. Georg provides a wide range of offers and services for an attractive working environment and a positive working atmosphere.

Talents wanted and opportunities

Our success is crucially based on the competence and commitment of our employees in all areas of the St. Georg Group. We are therefore pleased that you are interested in a job in our company and would like to strengthen our team. It is our aim to recognize the strengths of our employees in order to further promote this potential. To this end, we offer extensive internal and external training opportunities. All employees of the St. Georg Clinic can take advantage of a future-oriented educational offer in the in-house training center. The St. Georg Clinic is committed to being a family-friendly employer. In many areas it is therefore possible to regulate working hours in a flextime or part-time model.

Competences of the Klinikum St. Georg gGmbH

Locations of the Klinikum St. Georg gGmbH

The Klinikum St. Georg gGmbH posts open positions for jobs, internships and apprenticeships in 13 addresses (Leipzig, Riesa, and Wermsdorf). Work from home (WFH) is also offered for some positions/locations.

Feedback from applicants

Jobs for professionals and executives

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